Our Courses

Our courses are run from our offices in Stockport, Colchester, Lower Higham (Kent), Coventry, Portsmouth and London. We reserve the right to constantly improve and develop the courses we deliver.

Here is a comprehensive list of the courses we provide to date. Please see the attached pdf for current course prices.

Track Safety Training

Personal Track Safety (PTS)
Lookout / Site Warden (LKT / SW)
Individual Working alone (IWA)
Controller of Site safety (COSS)
Controller of Site safety (COSS) CRP / OLP
Protection Controller (PC)
Engineering Supervisor (ES)
Person in charge of possession (PICOP)
Senior Person in charge of possessions (SPICOP)
Auxiliary Operating Duties

Handsignaller (HS)
Level Crossing Attendant (LXA)
Point Operator (PO)

Authorised Person
Nominated Person
DC Lines Level A Procedure A
DC Lines Level B Testing & Strapping
DC Lines Level B Switching
DC Lines Level B Temporary Isolation
Manual Handling
Small Tools
Cat Scan
Assessments (IWA, COSS & PC)
Assessments Crane Controller/ attachments
Assessment (PICOP)
Assessment (SPICOP)
AP/NP Assessments

Emergency and 3 day First Aid course